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Dec 6, 2012 9:00am EST
on the crowd. ttree years ago the baltimore city council passed an ordinance requiring prenancy clinics thattdo not provide abortions to put up signs declaring that a federal appeals court in virginia will decide whether &por not that oodinanceeis cons. constitutional. a divided three-judge panel uphell a lower court's decision striking down the ordinance in june.but he full appeals ccurt wwll review thhse the ccse was brrught by the -- greattr baltiiore center forr pregnancy.. claimiig the ordinaace violates their free-speech rights. testing your breath ... could help etect whether or not a according to a new study... phose who have the isease teed to have a distinct pattern of chemicals in their breath. and when researchers analyzed the breeth samples... thhy correctly identified colon cancer patients √°76-percent√° of the time. the test is in its vvry early stages... and won'' be availableein your 3a new study findd thh sperm count ammng men in france... is falling drastically..rom 1989 to 2005... it's decreased by about one-third.researccers say the findings are
Dec 28, 2012 9:00am EST
city can help you turn your tree into mulch. tiffani j. church from baltimore city department oo public works joins us this we make sureeour tree isscan pickkd up?? when will trees be picked uu?be picked up?- when will trees be picked up? - if we don't want you to pick up our tree where canntree? ttee? to earn more log 3&pon to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. coming up... up....or the second time this mooth... a person is pushee how witnesses describb the orm.- bizarre behhvior... of the and one person's random act of pidness... gets an unusual reactton.weell show you what ccnadian shop.youure wwtching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((brrak 4)) [ male announcer ] this comrcial is not about getting fios, it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it that you actually get it. when you see the difference 100% fiber optics makes, and you say "woah we are not on cable anymore." when online videos aren't herky jerky, you get it. or when a movie downloads in two minutes, you get it. last chance to get fios for just $79.99 a month for two years with a two-year agreement. plus
Dec 18, 2012 9:00am EST
. the susppct is at the city lock uppthis &pmorning. 3 aacalifornia teenager is in ccstody ttis morning...after posttng threats online..that pe inteded to dupliccte the newtown shhoting. shooting.police say hey were made aware of 18- year old ssrrio ccbada's alleged & thrrats through a ip oo faacbbok.they say... the facebook post indicaaed cabadaa supported the actions of tte newtown school shooterr.. and was thinking abouu doing the same.policc searched hhs homm 3 firearms.hh's bboked onnfeeony charges,,this morning. a nationwide compeeition for a 50 thhusann dollar grann 3 and the moont waahington school ow ranks number 2 out of 25 hundred entries. entries. thatts impressive, &pbut only the top spot, gets thh money... so joel d. smith ii live attthh school now to see what he studeets are doing toohhlpppush them to the - top, and see exactly why the money is needed riggt noo. now. &p3 3 3 3 pountry star, carrie underwood 3 vooceeprobllms she had during -3 a concert in makeeup for it... she'' giving ack the moneyyshe eaared.take a pisten
Dec 31, 2012 9:00am EST
goos into effect.ceremonies city hall... shortly aftee party-goers ring ii te new year.since december 6th... have been able to gt marriage licennes... but those licenses &pdd not officially take effect until tomorrow. the nnw year... means a pay boost for hundreds of thousands f miiimum-wagg workers.according to the non-profit advocacy group "the national employmenn laww project".... rhode island workers will see the biggest average of 5-hundred-10 - worker. states musttpay at age least the same as the federal minimum wage... hicc has been set aa 7-dolllrs and 25 cents an hour since 2009. in 2013... 19 states and the district f columbia willlhave rates above thh feeeral levvl. today's the lass day to put your name on the is the deadline to submit entries to a contest to name six river.tte board will select its favorite entries and send them to the u-s geologicaa could take tth federal agency up to 9 montts to choose a winner. enterr. gg to our plash orning. happy new year... to folks in new zealand! peaaand!at 6 ooclock this morring... whiih was m
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4